Tabacco and electronic cigarettes

Cigarette smoking apart can you do with tobacco much more interesting things. The researchers and scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME in Münster have found, for example , how one can obtain tobacco plants forever young.

Normally they live very short. They grow three to four months, then bloom and right after they die . During her short life, they are only one to two meters high. At the Fraunhofer IME in Münster however, there is a tobacco plant , which is now already eight years old. It is 6.50 meters high and shows no signs, soon to die. The plant bears the appropriate name of “forever young” and was created with the help of genetic engineering. With a bacterium as a transport system a modified gene introduced into the plant, the flowering time shifts backward. And since the plant only dies when it has flowered, they live longer.

In humans, this technique can not be transferred by the way – that is to immortality we have to continue to wait . But the researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology are optimistic that their methods can be applied to other plant species.

Currently research is being conducted on potatoes. Can you also prolong life , then the plants produce potatoes with a higher starch content. Even with sugar , this technique could lead to a higher yield per hectare. Are mechanisms once understood fundamentally , the life-prolonging technology can perhaps be used in many other plants.

Their growth could then be extended over all normal breeds. The potted plants on the window sill but you will be required to pour. Even if they should eventually be immortal – they are far from invulnerable because of that.

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