The standard of Ego-T

Considered the perfect standard, the Ego-T has often been recommended to me when I was still asking me some questions about the e-cigarette.

Today I remain convinced by this product that I consider flawless.

If, from nearly 90 different models of electronic cigarettes – the Ego-T e-cig favorite vapoteurs, there is indeed nothing surprising and I can only confirm the general opinion. This is also one of the peculiarities of the Ego-Tank (his name). Indeed , the rise of steam is gradual, regular and always plentiful with a specific ventilation system. Is not this an ex-smoker research priority? I also found that with the Ego-T, e-liquid flavors seem more developed.

Unlike many other electronic cigarette Ego-T is provided with a transparent cap that controls a glance the level of remaining in the cartridge e-liquid. This is a side that I find particularly convenient since relieves me of having to unscrew anything to verify that I have still enough e-liquid. This tank has a large capacity, making it an asset.

Note also its intelligent lighting system that prevents unwanted key presses on the switch and consequently, the battery failures too frequent.

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